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10 Reasons you should not depend on a job consultancy for getting a job in USA

– There are chances of consultancy to be shutdown at any point of time
– Riding on a consultancy can end your stay in USA
– The amount that you are getting paid is not what you deserve – There are consultancies that pay less than 70% of what you are paid
– You always have the fear of losing your job at any point of time due to your faking experience
– You may find it hard to get a permanent job after getting into a job through consultancy
– The consultancy may have your original documents and you may not get them in life if it closed
– You are expected to work as an experienced candidate in your role and not a fresher. Bad performance will get you a pink slip for free
– Your salary increments are in the hands of consultancy and your performance may not really have a direct impact
– You may end up in custody as you have faked that you have been residing in USA since several years. You don’t have the documents to prove that
– Last but not the least; you will hurt your self-respect since you have been faking from the start of your interview till date!

So, if you are going to USA for higher studies, make sure that you are here for Quality Education and not making quick money in an illegal way. Work hard, learn things in a practical way – You can get a permanent job easily and lead a king’s life.

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