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100 million jobs can be created in India: Tata sons chairman

Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran has said that India can create 100 million jobs with the help of making necessary changes in the policies. He also stated that these policies do not require money to make the changes and are not capital intensive.

According to him, it might take less than $10 million to tweak these policies and create building platforms. By creating these many jobs, the consumer base will be increased in India. He also said that in our country, everyone does not need to go for higher education. Two-thirds of the individuals are educated till 8th standard or less and the remaining one third has a minimum of 8th standard in the country.

The doctor to patient ratio in the rural and urban India is 15,000 to 11,700 respectively. With this ratio, we cannot expect another half-million doctor to emerge in the country. With the advancement of technology, all the small tasks can also be done by people with less medical knowledge than doctors.

The advancements of AI and ML can solve these simple problems. Cloud computing also will enhance the possibility of smaller tasks be automated, said Mr. N.Chandrasekaran.

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