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15% of employees to return to Offices for Infosys, as part of the second phase

This week, Infosys had planned a second phase of resuming its operations. As part of this second phase, 15% of its employees will be returning to offices. Recently, the government also had eased the restrictions in the country which led to IT companies establishing such rules.

Currently, Infosys employs a total of 242,371 employees globally. 15% of them are 36,350 employees who will be returning to the offices.

In the first phase, less than 5% of its employees are attending the offices in all regions. After this, executive VP and group HR head of Infosys had said that the company is planning to ramp up gradually and increase the attendance in the offices in the upcoming weeks.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh had returned to the office in the first phase. He has started working at the headquarters of the company which is located in Electronic City. VP of Infosys had said that the company still believes that the employees’ safety is their utmost priority. They do not want to rush the employees to offices ensuring the safety and well being of the employees.

A spokesperson at Infosys had said that the company has taken all the necessary measures to keep their employees safe. Also, it has been noticed that the productivity of the employees is still at the required levels. Still the company has been working on bringing out robust technology for the employees to work remotely with ease.

The company is also planning to make sure that the employees who will be working from home will remain motivated. There are several measures being implemented by the company like issuing virtual breaks, online/phone meets. Yoga sessions, tips for the children of the employees as well to increase their productivity are being taken by the company.

The company has been following the virtual onboarding of the lateral employees making sure that all the offers made, are honored. The company is also planning to board campus hires in the same virtual manner, during the second phase.

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