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180 trainee job offers withdrawn by AirIndia

180 trainee job offers withdrawn by AirIndia for cabin crew members. This is due to the economic slow caused by corona, especially in the aviation sector.

180 trainee job offers withdrawn by AirIndia

These 180 trainees are to join as cabin crew members once their training completes. As the aviation sector is incurring huge losses, the total 180 trainee job offers are rescinded by AirIndia

The trainees receive a letter of communication that says, in the current scenario, Air India cannot afford to continue any further training to them. The letter also says that due to the above reasons which Air India cannot control, Air India wants to discontinue the training

One of the airline officials says that there are internal issues in the company which Air India do not want to disclose

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Not just AirIndia but the coronavirus impacts the whole aviation sector. In order to survive, the airlines are implementing cost-cutting measures to conserve the cash flow

Domestic flights are running from May 25, after a gap of two months. Only 45% of their pre-COVID domestic flights are allowed at the moment. The occupancy rate is only 50-60% since May 25

However, the international flights are suspended since March 25.

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