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20000 Seasonal jobs at Amazon India

20000 seasonal jobs at Amazon India. These jobs are opened in their customer service organization. The majority of these openings are part of the company’s virtual customer service program. These positions also offer work from home.

20,000 Seasonal jobs at Amazon India

All these new positions are across 11 cities in the country, including Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad.

Earlier, Amazon announces 50,000 seasonal openings for various positions in its delivery and fulfillment verticals. After a month of that announcement, 20000 Seasonal jobs at Amazon India

With the widespread of coronavirus, almost everyone in the country opts for online shopping. All the e-commerce firms have started working to their full capacity. These e-commerce companies are seeing a surge in search traffic related to products like electronics, home appliances, work from home enablers, and casual wear since the deliveries started rolling out.

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Amazon recently conducted a seven-day sale in order to handle the surge in customer demand. This increase in demand also led to the opening of new jobs. Amazon’s director at Customer Service believes that the demand will further increase in the upcoming weeks.

Also, the company wants to convert these temporary roles into permanent roles if the candidate’s performance is met and the business needs are accomplished.

Earlier this year, Amazon announces that there are plans to create 1 million jobs in India by 2025. The company wants to achieve this by investing in technology, infrastructure, and logistics network. Over the past 7 years, Amazon created around 7,00,000 jobs in the country.

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