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21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Modi to tackle CoronaVirus

India’s Prime Minister Mr.Narendta Modi has announced a lockdown of the entire country for the next 21 days, starting today. This is arguably the biggest and severe action taken to stop the spread of coronavirus. In his words “There will be a total ban of coming out your homes” which were directed towards the public of the country.

This announcement was televised throughout the nation and only given 4 hours for all the Indian public to prepare themselves for the lockdown. In this lockdown, every state, every district, every city will be a part of it.

As of now, the count of cases affected in the country is relatively low. But this period is very crucial for India to make or break the control of the situation. If this lockdown is done properly, there is a high chance that India might see a great reduction in the total cases of COVID-19.

Before the announcement, the streets of many cities were empty and the stores were closed. The situation was almost different in the areas where poverty is high.

Prime Minister Modi also said there is no choice except staying at home for these 21 days. The only option is to follow social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus. The home ministry has released a statement following Mr. Prime Minister’s statement. This states that some of the essential stores like grocery stores, gas stations, medical shops will be open for some period during the day. Only during this period, people can go to these stores and buy.

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