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48% increase in the applications per job: Quickr Jobs Report

Due to the corona pandemic, the economy of the country faced severe losses. These losses result in multiple job losses across various sectors. Now it has been observed that there is a 48% increase in the applications per job according to Quickr jobs report

48% increase in the applications per job: Quickr Jobs Report

The job portal claims that there is an imbalance in the number of applications and the number of vacant positions. The current situation is much worse in the urban areas of the country.

The report says that there is an increase in job applications in metro areas. There was a significant growth observed between March and May regarding job applications compared with pre-COVID data.

According to the report, jobs related to data entry, delivery executives, drivers, marketing, and sales are receiving disproportionate applications.

There are less number of foreign job-seeking candidates due to the restrictions on international travel.. The report shows that availability for blue-collar jobs increased significantly compared to others

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The overall summary of the report says that there is a sharp decline in both job opportunities and applicants during the lockdown, and especially April

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