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69% of routine work done by most of the Managers will be completely automated by 2024

69% of the routine work being done by most of the Managers could be completely automated by 2024 according to a latest study by Gartner. The
IT service management company Gartner recently mentioned that by using AI, several managerial tasks such as filing forms,
approving empoyee leaves, approving routine workflows, updating documents or information can be done easily without any human
intervention. This includes up to 69% of the routine work done by an average manager in most of the companies.
The role of manager is expected to see a complete overhaul in the coming years. With several advancements in
AI, managers who are currently spending time on these routine tasks should upgrade their skills and should be able to dedicate their to more
important and productive things.
Also, Gartner mentioned that this could be an advantage for people with disabilities as this advancement would provide them more and better jobs.
. According to Gartners estimates, the organizations actively employing people with disabilities have significantly
higher retention rates – around 89%, a 72% increase in employee productivity and a 29% increase in profitability.

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