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A common entrance test for all the non-gazetted government and public sectors banks

A proposal to have a new common entrance test across India for all the non-gazetted roles in the government sector and banking was issued during the announcement of Budget 2020. Non-gazetted officers are the ones who belong to class III and class IV of the government, who do not actually have the authority/power to issue a stamp of government. According to this proposal, National Recruitment Agencies (NRA) will be set up and an online common entrance test will be conducted to all the people who applied for these non-gazetted jobs.

This is a great implementation as the current recruitment cycle is tedious. The current process includes, a candidate has to appear for multiple examinations conducted by various agencies/authorities across an extended time period. The struggle with this process is too high and stressful.

With the announcement of this single common entrance test, all the candidates can feel less burdened and concentrate on one major examination rather than multiple exams across a lengthy period of time.

In the current population, a minimum of 2.74 crore candidates who belong to the age group of 15-29 is unemployed. The people of the age group from 24-29 have the highest unemployment rate in the country which 32.5%.

With this all being introduced, as the youth of this currently whoever is looking for jobs should aim to just concentrate on clearing out the one final entrance examination and reduce the unemployability rate. This can be a huge added bonus to the Indian economy if the unemployment rate reduces. India is the one country which has the highest number of younger generation people. Hence this can be an added bonus if the unemployment rate is reduced.

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