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A Survey says, Eight out of 10 urban jobs are lost during this lockdown

Recently Azim Premji University had conducted a survey related to jobs and job losses during the lockdown period. The results of the survey are shocking as eight out of 10 jobs in urban India are lost in this period.

Also, the survey was conducted on how far the government’s money is being reached to the households. The survey results show that nearly one-third of the vulnerable households in the country are getting the help of the government’s cash benefits. In rural areas, just above half percent of the households are getting these benefits from the government.

The Center for Sustainable Employment of the APU had conducted this survey across 4000 workers over the 12 states in the country. Also, the survey results have shown that only one-fourth of the 688 farmers have received benefits over the PM-Kishan scheme.

The workers and farmers who participated in this survey have said that Rs.500 is enough for them to sustain for two-three days. According to the results of the survey, these people should be given a minimum of Rs.7000 in the next two months to help them overcome this situation.

The results of the survey have told that the lockdown which has been imposed since March 24 has affected the overall economy and particularly the informal and migrant workers along with their families. The survey has also told that several policy measures are to be implemented to immediately help the affected in the country, along with the implementation of long term policies.

This survey has compared the current situation to the situation pre-lockdown which is February. As part of this survey, the self-employed, casual, regular wage, and salary workers are interviewed. Around more than 90% of the farmers could not sell their produce at a full price during the lockdown.

One of the shocking results of the survey is that around 80% of households have consumed less food than before.

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