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Amazon India offices to extend the work from home till October

In India, with the widespread of the coronavirus, multiple phases of lockdown are being implemented. Due to this, almost all IT employees started to work from home. Currently, the country is in phase 3 of the lockdown. With this, the e-commerce giant Amazon in India has announced the extension of work from home to its employees until October.

In a statement, the Human Resouce Director, Deepthi Verma has said that the company’s main priority right now is to protect the employee and prioritize the health and also to follow the guidelines set by the government. The Director also said that employees whose work can be done from home can work from home till October 2.

The e-commerce rival to Amazon, Flipkart has said that the offices will be reopen in phases. Chief People Officer, Krishna Raghavan said that for those individuals who are working form the corporate offices in Bangalore, the company is looking to return to its offices in phases. Initially, it would be the teams who cannot work from home optimally given the limited resource in infrastructure.

Flipkart also said those expectant mothers, ill employees, employees who have young children or elderly parents at home, employees with underlying medical conditions should continue to work from home, or any remote location. For all those who are returning to offices, the company is taking several measures to control the spread of virus by enabling social distancing, etc.

Amazon India is also planning to take several measures like regular temperature checks, social distancing in all the office premises, deep cleaning, use of sanitizers to keep the employees who work from offices, safe. Around the globe, several tech giants like Google, Facebook have extended the option to work from home for their employees until the end of 2020.

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