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Anand Mahindra stresses the importance of a workplace

Due to the widespread of coronavirus, the government has imposed lockdown across the country. During this lockdown, the IT companies are continuing operations by allowing their employees to work from home. Almost 95% of employees in every company are working from home. In these times, the chairman of Mahindra Group has stressed the advantages of a dedicated workplace(like an office).

He said on Twitter that after the lockdown ends, most of the companies are planning to continue their employees to work from home but traditional workplaces will always remain the main form of work in the IT sector. He also added that most companies who are planning to ask their employees to work from home post COVID are concentrated on cutting the costs and increasing the revenue.

He further explained that the workplace will bring freedom from all the domestic hassles, especially for women. For them, being away from all the disturbances, it can help them innovate. He also said that social distancing and sanitation is more feasible in organized workplaces in developed countries.

He also feels that both in developed and developing countries, workplaces allow significant, informal interactions which are the source of innovation. He finally concluded by saying instead of taking a decision in a hurry and continuing work from operations, post-COVID, the companies should think carefully and ask the employees to work from the offices.

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