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Anand Mahindra wants the Indian government to bring India Inc. for testing

Recently, Anand Mahindra has appreciated the government of India for doing a good job in crisis management.

In India, the cases due to COVID is around 152. Anand Mahindra has made a suggestion to the government on Twitter. India contains around 52 medical research facilities for testing the COVID virus. Anand Mahindra believes the testing done by Indians can be considered as Achilles heel. He also said that any support from the private sector is needed to begin the testing and increase our capacity.

He said that these tough times bring in opportunities and review status. Also, he feels that the business should be ready whenever the crisis is over. He feels that the young associates in the company should think of new ideas to solicit the business. He also added the business should ready to take a U-turn or V-turn if it has to be started earlier. This can be achieved by the associates having deeper relations with the customers.

The global economy is also in downfall with Corona declared as a pandemic. It has killed over 6000 people and infected lakhs of people across the globe.

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