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Several companies are unhappy with Trump’s decision

US President Donal Trump suspends the issue of new H1B work visas in order to restrict the entry of foreign workers. This is also to create employment opportunities for locals. Several companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Apple are unhappy with Trump’s decision

Apple, Google, Amazon, several companies are unhappy with Trump's decision

The visa suspension rule will come into effect from June 24 and will remain until the end of this year. This move is expected to open up around 525,000 jobs for US workers.

Here is how several companies and CEO’s reacted to this

Alphabet Inc’s Google:

The CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai tweeted his disappointment saying that Immigration contributes a lot to the development of the country and also Google. He also adds that the company will stand with the immigrants and expands opportunity for all
The chief of Youtube Susan Wojcicki says that Immigration is central to the America’s story and also their own family.
According to the stats by USCIS, Google received 2,678 approvals for H1B visas in 2019.

The company says that they oppose the Administration’s short-sighted decision to pause high-skill visa programs. Welcoming the best & the brightest global talent is critical to America’s economic recovery. They will continue to support these programs & efforts to protect the rights of immigrants
The company has the highest H1B approvals for the year 2019 which is 3026


Apple says that the nation always found strength in the diversity. The company also believes that there is no prosperity without both
1136 H1B visas are approved for Apple in 2019

Box Inc.:

The CEO of the company tweets that it is a bad policy and this doesn’t make America better
Box Inc. received 21 H1B visa approvals in 2019

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Facebook Inc.:

The company says that by keeping the talent outside of the country will not help recover the country. Also, the nation will benefit a lot if we promote the talented people from around the world
Facebook recieved 1518 visa approvals in 2019


President Brad Smith tweets that now is not the time to create uncertainity. Immigrants play a vital role at our company and support our country’s critical infrastructure. They are contributing to this country at a time when we need them most,
Microsoft recieved 1701 visa approvals in 2019


The CEO tweets that by creating these new restrictions for the immigrants who help this country is disappointing. This will slow down the progress of the nation
Paypal recieved 271 visa approvals in 2019


The CEO tweets that As we plan for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis let’s focus on common sense & fair immigration policies. H-1B workers should be treated with respect & dignity. They generate real innovation & growth . . . benefiting us all and fueling our economy. We embrace all our Ohana,
Salesforce recieved 267 visa approvals in 2019


“Very much disagree with this action. In my experience, these skillsets are net job creators. Visa reform makes sense, but this is too broad,” the CEO Elon Mush tweets
Tesla recieved 117 visa approvals in 2019

Along with these several companies, CEOs, analysts unhappy with Trump’s decision.

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