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A fake job promising Ayushman Yojana website has been busted by the Delhi police

In Delhi, a fake website that promises that it will provide jobs to the people has been busted recently by the cybercrime unit of Delhi police. This website is targeting innocent citizens by promising jobs.

The official twitter handle of Delhi police has issued a statement that this fake job promising website has said that over 5100 jobs are available. Some of them are related to ward boys, nurses, etc. It is also said that this website had also taken money for registration purposes

The website has been following this process. At first, the website will ask the citizens to register for jobs like nurses, ward boys, etc. While registering it will ask for the deposit of money. According to the police, this fake website gang has cheated over thousands of citizens across 6 different states.

Earlier, the news of this website being fake has already been revealed by the PIB Fact check twitter handle. At that time, a Whatsapp message is being circulated heavily stating that this website is the official website of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Soon PIB Fact check has come into the picture and busted this fake news. Reference to this old tweet below

The official website for the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana is

Also, here are some of the tips to identify a fake job offering website
1. No one will ask you to deposit money for jobs
2. Check if the source is genuine either in Google or Twitter
3. Ask people in public forums or closed groups about the service or a website. Asking is not wrong.
4. Do not follow any Whatsapp message blindly and stop clicking on every link you receive. Check the credibility in Google before taking any action.
5. Look for the forwarded message tag on the message in Whatsapp. It means that the sender did not just create the message, he even received it from some other person. Ask the person for the credibility.
6. If you find it suspicious, report it, and block the sender if the person is unknown to you. Report him as well.

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