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Best US Universities for International Students

The rankings of Universities are done based on several factors like education quality, scores, image, selectivity, urbanization, extracurricular activities, sports etc.  One other important factor that needs to be considered is how good the University is for international students. Though an exact ranking cannot be determined, we have here a list of Universities that are considered pretty good for international students based on student experiences and acceptance rates.

As expected, American Universities top the list of Universities for international students.  More than 6 lakh international students pursue education in the United States every year and the number is still on a rise. Despite several strong attempts by UK and Australian Universities, American Universities still score the highest for their academic quality. UK stands second with morethan 3 lakh students graduating every year.

This is the list of Universities that are highly preferred by international students

–         University of Southern California

–         New York University

–         Columbia University

–         Purdue University

–         University of Texas

–         University of Florida

–         Harvard University

–         Boston University

–         University of Michigan

Despite recession during 2008- 2010, many international graduates from various countries migrated to USA for pursuing masters though the tution fee in USA is very expensive. However, there are many Universities that provide scholarships for international students and what not? fee waivers too.

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