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Beware JobSeekers! Fake Social Media handles are offering Air India Jobs. Follow this simple strategy to be safe.

Air India, government owned enterprise whose headquarters located at New Delhi has advised all
the job seekers to not fall for the tricks being played by the fake social media handles who are said
to be offering jobs in Air India. It has also stated that certain websites and social media handles are
using the unauthorized Air India’s registered trademark to offer jobs and discounts on flights.

Air India also said that these fake entities are representing themselves as Air India agents or
consultants and issuing fake appointment letters to fraud people. As part of this, these so-called
agents are demanding huge amounts of money from the customers to avail these offers. Air India
has warned that unauthorised use of Air India’s signage or trademark or logo is a serious offence
under the applicable laws.

Especially, job seekers must be alert because these people are targeting the people who are actively
looking for jobs in the government domain and Air India being part of it. As a job seeker your
responsibility is to verify the credibility of the organization or the person or the agency who is
offering you any jobs. Doing a background search of the company or simple google search would be
sufficient. Only if they satisfy their identity proceed with the job application. If they fail to do so,
immediately report them to IT cell or respective original company on any of the social media

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