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Cloud computing in the country can create as much as 2.4 lakh direct jobs

Google Cloud computing in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has stated that deployment of public cloud computing can generate up to 2.4 lakh direct jobs in the country and can boost the economy further 100 billion dollars.

Recently Google and BCG have released a study named “Ascent to the Cloud: How Six Key APAC Economies can Lift-off” on the findings of the country.

The current growth rate according to 2018 is said to be 3billion dollars US. With the Compound Annual Growth rate, it can grow up to 8 billion dollars in the US with the public cloud deployment and a 100-billion-dollar boost to the GDP of the country. This is almost equivalent to 0.6% of the country’s GDP, 15% of the GDP of the IT industry, and 25% of the textile industry.

This survey has been carried out across various 1000’s of industry experts in different IT verticals across the Asia Pacific region, including India. The popular opinion among India IT industry is that it can benefit a lot from ‘Cloud-first’ to ‘Cloud only’ model.

The manufacturers are still in the early stages of using cloud deployment due to the tedious task of migrating the legacy data on to the cloud by managing the securities of the government institutions. Once this migration is done, this has the potential to create as much as 2.4 lakh direct jobs in the country and another 7,43,000 jobs through second-order effects. Out of this 2.4 lakh, 1.57 would be digital and technology-related jobs such as Data Scientists, product managers, design and user experience jobs. It is also said that another 83,000 jobs can be created in the business core across various industries. This can be helped by the launch of Google Cloud’s Career readiness program which provides students with training, mentorship, and certification. There are also courses on the NPTEL learning platform related to these Google Cloud training. This also has courses related to Big Data, AI and Machine Learning providing the students with a variety of options to learn fro

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