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Cognizant forces its benched employees to resign

In Chennai, Cognizant forces its benched employees to resign after 41 days. The Chennai Employee union claims that Chennai Cognizant is using this shrewd path to terminate its employees. The union releases a press statement asking the Cognizant administration to stop this

Cognizant forces its benched employees to resign

New Democratic Labor Front(NDLF) is the union. NDLF is active in the regions of TamilNadu and Puducherry. Speaking to the press, the NDLF spokesperson said that they came to know about this wrong method of employee termination happening at Cognizant. NDLF is also aware of the threats from HR to the employees.

How does the termination process go

The process goes this way. Cognizant puts the employee on the bench. Candidates who are put on the bench and have no projects in hand are moved to the resource pool. This pool is for future projects. Then Cognizant gives 35 days to the pooled employees.

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Employees can improve their skills or find new projects in that time. A 6-day extension is also provided. If in this period, an employee cannot find a project, then the employee is asked to resign. If resisted, the HR will threaten the employee. This way Cognizant forces its benched employees to resign

Several employees are already forced out of the company this way, by Cognizant in the last month. NDLF claims that finding a new project in just 41 days is difficult in such companies.

The supreme court postponed the judgment related to any action against employers for not paying wages to its employees. The SC asks the employers and employees to resolve any wage disputes. Hence, companies are taking advantage of this situation to increase their profitability.

NITES claims that employees who are not responsible for these economic situations are forcing the employees to terminate the jobs. NITES says that it stands strong with the employees and will strive to get justice. National Information Technology(NITES) is a non-profit entity that helps to create awareness among IT professionals.

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