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Cognizant planning to hire 20,000 ‘digitally ready’ freshers. Starting salaries would range from 4 lakh per annum

Last year at Cognizant was full of layoffs and structural reorganization. But this year, the American IT multinational company is planning to hire 20,000 freshers who are digitally ready. The average salaries are also being increased to 4 lakh per annum, which is around an 18% hike to the current average salaries being given to the freshers.

The main areas cognizant is looking to strengthen is data, cloud, internet of things, and digital engineering. The company spokesperson has said that they are looking to increase the hiring percent of engineering and science students to 30 percent.

Cognizant, last week has opened a new facility in Mangalore, which can accommodate 1,100 employees. Currently, Cognizant has around 80 employees in the country across all verticals.

In 2019, only TCS hired a greater number of freshers than Cognizant in the country, with cognizant hiring 2,00,000 employees. Last year, during layoffs in the company, around 7000 mid and senior-level employees were removed and around 5000 employees were said to be redeployed to other job roles. The removal of 7000 individuals account for 2% of the total workforce. The overall job cuts across the globe would help the company save 500 million dollars by 2021.

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