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Cognizant wants ‘phased returns’ to offices

One of the IT giants of the country, Cognizant wants ‘phased returns’ to offices. Cognizant wants all of its employees of Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad to return to offices in a measured way based on the business criticality

Cognizant wants 'phased returns' to offices

The company wants its employees who need office infrastructure to work with and are working on confidential projects, to come back to offices. The company is also in talks with local authorities about opening the office buildings.

As all of its employees continue to work from home, the company is closely monitoring the situation of this lockdown. A note was sent to its Chennai employees that states that the offices will reopen in the coming weeks.

The company also says that employees whose work cannot be done from home are to start working early to the offices. Also, employees working on confidential projects and dependence on office network also has to return early to the offices

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Recently, Wipro also started asking its employees to come to offices. As of now, around 10% of its workforce are working from offices. Similar to Wipro, Infosys also did the same thing.

Around 15% of Infosys workforce are working from offices. 5% of the TCS workforce are also asked to work from offices in the upcoming quarter.

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