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Companies like Facebook, Google will let employees work from home through 2020

With the widespread COVID-19, almost all the tech companies are asking their employees to work from home due to imposed lockdown, stop the contamination of the virus, etc. In the latest news, Google and Facebook are the two companies that have announced to let their employees work from home for the rest of the year.

According to the schedule set by Facebook earlier, the company is planning to reopen its offices on July 6th. After that, for the employees who can work from home, it is going to allow them to continue the remote work. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg will release a formal statement soon, regarding this.

This decision comes after Facebook is contacting various entities such as public health agencies, like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Johns Hopkins, and government guidance.

Along with Facebook, Google is the other company that is planning to allow its employees to continue to work from home throughout 2020. On this topic, Sundar Pichai has advised all the employees of Alphabet Inc. who can work from home can continue their remote work, instead of coming to offices. Earlier, it was announced that the employees of Google will start coming to offices from June 1.

For the people who are required to work at offices, the Google offices will open from June or July and extra safety measures will be implemented on the campuses and inside the offices to stop the spread of the virus.

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