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Companies looking to add more work from home clauses with their clients’ post-COVID

Many of the tech giants in the country and software service exporters like TCS, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, have moved most of the Indian engineers to abroad/onsite to debug technology issues or to co-innovate

But with these situations like lockdown, these companies have learned a lot and are modifying the entire IT work culture. These companies are looking to add more work from home clauses in their contracts agreement with their clients while taking up the projects.

Peter Bendor Samuel, the chief executive of IT consultancy group Everest, has said that in further projects it is highly likely that more work from home clauses are to be added to the Master Service Agreement. The process of working from home and different models of working from home has been a revelation to both clients and the companies and is looking to include this further in future projects as well. He also further said that the Covid-19 outbreak has decreased the demand for talent as well as freed up additional talent in US, Europe. After this lockdown, it can be expected that more work will be shifted towards onshore and away from IT service companies

The companies also believe that more people working from home would also free talent onsite especially in countries like the USA, Europe.

TCS already had come up with a plan in which 75% of its employees will work from home in the near future. However other companies still feel it is early to conclude anything on this model as they feel there are several models to explore.

Chief Human Resources Officer at Wipro, Mr. Saurabh Gill has said that there are various discussions and analysis happening in adopting these kinds of models, whether to have a set of employees work from home permanently, etc. However, he said that the main idea for an employee to be sent onsite is to be closer to the customer.

Ray Wang, chief analyst at Constellation Research has said that several vendors are using this work from home option as an upsell and some others are using it to wind deals. Analysts also feel that even if adopting these models will not give encouraging results immediately, in the longer-term they will yield better results with the costs cutting in various departments Logistics, travel, office space, etc.

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