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Computer science engineering subjects – Programming vs. networking vs. Database Management

Computer science, the study of computation and computer algorithms and their real time application is one field that has created a revolution. The basic mechanism associated with this subject is processing or transformation of information. The information is in turn stored in storage media. From the last two statements, we arrive at the three major computer science subjects

–       Processing of information- Programming

–       Transformation of information – Networking

–       Storage of Information – Database Management

Most of you must be facing a dilemma to choose the right one for you. You must not be aware of the future scope, salaries, growth etc of these sub fields. This article was written primarily to let you get an idea of what these three computer science subjects are all about

Programming:- This is for people who love algorithms. You got to convert requirements into working applications that are free of defects. This field requires very good analytical skills and moderate communication skills. Also, programmers must have good mathematical knowledge to frame the comple algorithms.

Networking:- As the name indicates, this is all about managing or maintaining networks. You got to work as system admin or network admin if you have chosen this field. It requires good analytical as well as communication skills.  You may also need to work in shifts. Maintaining security of data in an organization is also taken care of by the network engineers. Networking is different from network programming. Network programming does come under programming !

Database Management:- This is one more challenging computer science subject.  This requires excellent analytical as well as communication skills.  The most frequently heard profile related to database management is DBA. DBA is responsible for maintaining the databases that contain very crucial information in organizations. DBA also must ensure that the database is frequently optimized for faster access.

These are the top most subjects associated with computer science. People assume that a programmer is paid the highest. This might be true but one has to remember that, growth is possible in all the three domains and it all depends on your learning and grip on the subject. The scope to gain knowledge is endless in all the three.

There are many other subjects in computer science like Cloud computing, network security, DAA etc. However, all of them belong to one of the basic subjects mentioned above. So, chose the one that interests you and go ahead without worrying about salaries. There is good scope to grow in all the fields. All the best to those who are planning for MS in Computer Science!

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