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Distance Learning Education Courses- Is it for me?

Distance Education, as the name implies is a course/degree that a student gets while maintaining distance with the instructor- confusing? Well, we meant to say that it is a course that you complete without actually attending on campus classes.

Distance education has been under implementation since several years in the form of tapes, telephone conferences etc. As the internet emerged as the strongest way of communication, distance education in the form of online learning’s or online education has come into picture. Distance education courses, also referred to as correspondence courses require instructional techniques that are very detailed and understandable as you are not directly interacting with your professor.

Coming to the age factor, this is very good for those having age more than 25 who are already engaged in some work. Reason being, they can study for the course at whatever time they want and they are again on the safe side. What not? You stay at your own house, with your friends and parents. This makes it good for females especially those who are married. They can afford time for their children and household work while pursuing education at the same time.

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