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Do the developers in the US earn more than developers in India? And how about the salaries of Pakistan developers? Check this to find out

Recently, HackerRank issued a report based on the survey conducted among 11648 developers and students across the globe. The report states that the average salary of an Indian Developer is $38,229. While the average salary of a US developer is $109,167. Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have developers with more average salary than the rest of the cities in the USA.

Surprisingly, the average salary of a developer from Pakistan is $39,154. This is borderline high compared to the developer’s salary in India. The survey also states that the global average salary is $54,491. Developers from countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands earn more than the developers who belong to Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.

Developers belonging to Asian countries earn less compared to countries like USA, Canada, Australia

A little bit of microanalysis on the salaries data of Indian developers will give encouraging results. According to the HackerRank report, the average salary of an Indian developer is $38,229. When converted this to the local currency INR, it is around Rs.27 lakh. This is a respectful salary for any software engineer in the country. Also, the developers who participated in the HackerRank survey are experienced developers and a few veterans.

According to this report, for every developer who is receiving a high salary, there is always a developer who feels he is underpaid. This report states that 39% of the developers across the globe feel they are underpaid, 35% feel they are paid enough and 26% are not sure about anything.

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