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Edtech firms are hiring. Around 12,000 active openings for permanent jobs

The widespread of COVID-19 has impacted the economy a lot. Also, every other industry has suffered due to this virus. Although during this period, online education has seen a lot of interest with many schools, universities, colleges are adapting to the new online form of education. This has directly provided a boost to the ed-tech firms in the country. As a result, these ed-tech firms are hiring

Currently, there are around 12,000 vacant positions of the permanent jobs available with the ed-tech industry. Some of the top companies that are hiring are Byju’s, Unacademy, Whitehat jr, Vedantu, and SimpliLearn. Also, there are several top executive search consultants like ManpowerGroup, Kelly Services, and Xpheno. Additional to this, there are around 90,000 contractual jobs available with these firms.

Analysts say that this ed-tech industry has benefitted a lot from the lockdown and also factors like increase in the internet speeds, smartphone usage has contributed to the growth of the industry.

Some of the top roles include product development, instructors, content writers, UI/UX/ app developers, sales professionals, and technicians. These companies are also looking for professionals with industry experience in sales, finance, and product. Salaries are ranging from Rs.10 lakh for a fresher to Rs.50-80 lakhs(including stock options) for experienced individuals

The chief executive of Vedantu has said that the company has seen a surge in the number of users to their services since enabling it as free access to the users. The company’s revenue has increased by 80% in the meantime. With this, the company is looking to hire 1500 employees

Whitehat Jr. is also planning to hire 1000-1500 employees along with 2000 freelance instructors every month. However, the CEO has said that his recent increase in the revenue is caused mostly by the expansion of the company’s business in the USA.

Byju’s also has been hiring 1000 employees per month since Janaury. SimpliLearn and Unacademy are also looking to increase their employee abse.

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