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Employees of Gurugram might work from home till July

Gurugram metropolitan authority CEO and Haryana Additional Chief Secretary V.S.Kundu has said that all the Multinational companies, BPOs, and ITes companies should allow their employees to work from home until July.

Mr. Kundu is in charge of Covid-19 for the whole Gurugram district. This decision comes after PM Modi met with all the Cheif Ministers of the states to discuss the next steps to be taken to control the spread of the virus. As part of this meeting, several states have requested to prolong the lockdown with slight ease in the regulations. The second round of lockdown in the country ends with May 3rd.

In a statement, Mr. Kundu said that all the employees who have offices in Gurugram are advised to continue to work from home until July. He also asked the companies to make sure that most of their employees work from home. This might not be possible with the manufacturing companies but wherever it’s feasible, the companies should allow their employees to work from home.

Currently, the situation in Gurugram is that around 50% of the employees are allowed to work from the office, starting from April 21, according to the Union Home Ministry’s revised rules. Several companies in the Gurugram region are still adapting to a seamless work from a home model.

Several MNC’s like Infosys, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and several BPOs like Genpact, Convergys which work 24/7 with clients in Europe, Australia, USA has offices at Gurugram.

Recently, according to a Gartner survey, 74% of the companies are planning to allow their employees to work from home permanently even after the crisis is averted. Another survey states that 72% of the firms believe that this coronavirus effect will be there for at least 6 more months and most of them fear for the decrease in productivity due to work from home.

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