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Engineering streams – what is best for you?!

Engineering streams are many. Careers in engineering span the alphabet. The career opportunity is extremely flexible to the individual’s interests. The five largest traditional academic fields of study are civil, chemical, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering. There are also more specialized engineering fields from aerospace to nuclear to biomedical engineering. Choose the best option which suits your interest, for example
β€’ If you are imaginative and creative, you might consider yourself to be in Design Engineering.
β€’ If you like laboratories and conducting experiments, you might get interest in Test Engineering.
β€’ If you organize and expedite projects, you can be a good Development Engineer.
β€’ If you are persuasive and like working with people, you might consider a career in Sales or Field Service Engineering.
β€’ If you are good in science and mathematics, then you resemble to be an Analytical Engineer.hope you liked the post! Please find some of our most read and liked posts here

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