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Engineering University in USA – How can I chose the right one for me

Choosing the engineering University in USA that is a perfect match for a profile is the toughest job an MS in Us aspirant has to come across. Reason being, any Engineering University in USA considers several factors like GRE scores, TOEFL scores, AWA, SOP and LOR to decide if the applicant is a right fit in their university. Some universities give preference to GRE scores and some give preference to Academics. It is all very random! Also, the rejection rate is extremely high in certain schools while it is low in others. Enrollment of international students is good in few schools while it may not be good in others. The university you have chosen might be good but the course of study in that Engineering University might not be good.

How can I choose an Engineering University in USA despite all these concerns?

You must follow a strategy to make your journey to USA safe. Based on all your scores and academics, you can frame a list of universities that you may get. Divide the set into three. One set must contain engineering universities that are risky for your profile. It implies the chances of getting admission are less. See that the rejection rate of all the Universities are not high in this list as you may end up getting admissions from no university in this list. Second set must contain Universities where you have moderate chances. Again see that there is at least one University that has very low rejection rate. You will most probably get admissions from at least 2 universities in this set. See that this set contains the highest number of universities. The last set is the safe set that contains universities where your chances of admit are more than 80%. With this strategy, you will definitely get an admit form one of the universities from the first two sets. Even if your fate is bad, there is no doubt that you will get admit from the safe list and you need not chuk your plans of studying in en engineering University in USA!

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