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Entrance exams in USA for Engineering, Medicine, Business Management, Law and general admissions

Entrance exam is a filter between you and the University that will let students of almost equal capabilities  pursue education together. The college you study in determines the job that you are going to take and hence, your future.  So, taking an entrance exam is one of the most crucial points in your life.

Depending on the course you are going to take up, you need to find out the right entrance exam. There are also general entrance examinations like TOELF that  every international student should take. This  thindeed necessary to ensure that the student can survive in USA with his English language skills.

Here is the list of most common and popular entrance examinations in USA

SAT and ACT– Pronounced as Scholastic aptitude test/ America College test, this is taken by students planning to pursue bachelors eduation in USA. This is common for all the courses and taken by every student opting for a bachelors degree in USA. You might be wondering why there are two examinations – the reason is pretty simple and obvious – There are Universities that accept only SAT scores or only ACT scores or both. So, to be on the safer side, it is good to write both. While SAT also tests your subject skills, ACT is more a generalized test that tests your English, verbal, maths and science skills. In SAT, you will have two sections – Reasoning for 3 hours and Subject test for an hour.


Test of English as a Foreign Language, the name says it all. You are a foreigner and this test is to test how good you are at English. All your English skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking are tested in this exam. This is not usually not required for American students.


Graduvate Record Exam determines your chances of admission for master studies in USA. This is taken up by international students as well as American students. Your verbal, quants and analytical skills are tested in the exam. This is an online adaptive test taken at particular promatic centers. Along with the online test, there is a writing test that is tested by machine and human.


GMAT is needed for admission into business schools/ management schools  that offer masters degree in business/administration. A typical example would be MBA ( Master of business administration). If you want to be a manager, you need to have good verbal, analytis, reasoning and mathematical skills. So, these are tested in the exam! Pronounced as General Management Admission Test


MCAT is a medical entrance test required for admission into medical courses. This is a multiple choice test that tests your problem solving, thinking and verbal skills. This also has science section which is indeed needed to pursue Medicine, one of the toughest degrees to be obtained in the world. This is administered by AAMC! This is pronounced as Medical College Admission Test


If you love law, you need to know about LSAT. Thais has to be taken by any student planning for law degree. A lawyer needs very strong verbal and reasoning skills and hence, these are tested as part of this test. This is conducted 4 times in one year. This is administered by LSAC and is pronounced as Law school admission test

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