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Entry Level/ Fresher Salaries offered at IT and Engineering Companies in India -2020

Entry Level/ Fresher Salaries offered at IT and Engineering Companies in India -2020

NUTANIX Fresher Salary2900000pa
Amazon Fresher Salary1800000pa
Commvault Fresher Salary 1600000pa
AMD Fresher Salary1200000pa
Zetwerk Fresher Salary1200000pa
ServiceNow Fresher Salary 1100000pa
McAfee Fresher Salary 1000000pa
Lightplante Technologies Fresher Salary 950000pa
Cleartrip Fresher Salary950000pa
Byjus Fresher Salary900000pa
Mentor Graphics Fresher Salary900000pa
PEGA Systems Fresher Salary 850000pa
SAP Labs Fresher Salary850000pa
Nasdaq Fresher Salart800000pa
Kony Labs Fresher Salary 750000pa
TERADATA Fresher Salary750000pa
Hashedin Fresher Salary 715000pa
Burracuda Networks Fresher Salary710000pa
TCS Digital Fresher Salary 700000pa
HSBC Fresehr Salary700000pa
OpenText Fresher Salary 660000pa
Surewaves fresher Salary650000pa
Harman Fresher Salary600000pa
MayaData Fresher Salary600000pa
Principal Fresher Salary600000pa
EPAM Systems Fresher Salary600000pa
MetricStream Fresher Salary550000pa
Verizon Fresher Salary 550000pa
Deloitte Fresher Salary 550000pa
Cadence Fresher Salary550000pa
MAQ Software Fresher Salary 500000pa
Nirvana Fresher Salary500000pa
UrbanPro Fresher Salary500000pa
Tricon Infotech Fresher Salary 500000pa
Robert Bosch Fresher Salary500000pa
AT&T Fresher Salary 450000pa
HummingWave Fresher Salary450000pa
GeekyAnts Fresher Salary 450000pa
Cybrilla Fresher Salary447000pa
DateMetica Fresher Salary 420000pa
Glassbean fresher salary 420000pa
Accenture Fresher Salary 400000pa
ADP Fresher Salary 400000pa
Valuelabs Fresher Salary 400000pa
Enparadigm Fresher Salary 400000pa
HYUNDAI MOBIS Fresher Salary400000pa
L&T Services Fresher Salary400000pa
APPS Associates Fresher Salary400000pa
Modak Analytics Fresher Salary 400000pa
Cognizant Fresher Salary 380000pa
TechMahindra Fresher Salary380000pa
Techaspect Fresher Salary370000pa
Infosys Fresher Salary 360000pa
OSMOSYS Fresher Salary360000pa
BirlaSoft Fresher Salary360000pa
TATA ELXSI Fresher Salary 355000pa
Capgemini Fresher Salary 350000pa
Wipro Fresher Salary 350000pa
TCS Fresher Salary 350000pa
HCL Fresher Salary 350000pa
Surya Software Fresher Salary 350000pa
NTT Data Fresher Salary 350000pa
Virtusa Fresher Salary350000pa
Amiti Fresher Salary340000pa
Musigma Fresher Salary 335000pa
CGI Fresher Salary325000pa
Mindtree Fresher Salary325000pa
Cyient Fresher Salary 325000pa
IBM Fresher Salary 320000pa
Syntel Fresher Salary 310000pa
OBOPay fresher salary 300000pa
IQuanti Fresher Salary300000pa
Thinkinghut Fresher Salary300000pa
Karthavya Technologies Fresher Salary270000pa
Qaoutik Fresher Salary 240000pa

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