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Expectations are high. Ola claims it can generate 2 million jobs in India soon

The think tank inside Ola, Ola Mobility believes soon it can generate 2 million jobs in India. The bike taxi concept is quite new in India. But still, Ola thinks the way to create these many jobs is through bike taxis. It believes bike taxis will be very popular in the market.

According to a report named “The power of two wheels”- Bike Taxis: India’s Shared Mobility Frontier, it is stated that the bike taxis impact will be huge in the country. It can be the future of urban transport in India, which in turn leads to job creation.

The major factor for the bike taxis is that it minimizes traffic congestion. The people in the country consider time as money and time saving is the priority for almost everyone. Along with the time-saving benefit, bike taxis are also cheaper. These two main factors will lead to increased popularity and immense job creation in the country, according to OLA.

These bike taxis will also increase mobility in rural areas as well. It creates employment opportunities for all sections of society.

The stats say that the two-wheelers are the largest sold privately owned vehicles in the country. The Economic Survey of India 18-19 report has said that the country needs to create around 55-50 lakh jobs annually for the next decade. These values are done by keeping the labor force participation at 60 percent. Some of the other stats from the report are that 50-60% bike taxis are booked during the peak periods of the day, which is 8 am-12 pm to 4 pm-8 pm.

Along with Ola, UberMOTO(Uber’s bike taxi) has stated that it completed 2 million trips in India since its launch. According to a report, UberMOTO is booked every 18 seconds in Hyderabad.

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