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F-1 visa – student visa- the entire process

This article is all about F-1 visa. Opting for masters in U.S. is a good idea but one of the main challenges assoiated with the programme is obtaning a n f-1 visa. Here are few very important tips that would help you escape bitter rejection.
Step1: Prior to your appointment, do visit the US Embassy web page for your country and get valuable information to get a clear idea of the process of your interview and do prepare likewise.
Step2: Pay the SEVIS FEE/ If you are offered admission to a degree program at any University this amount will be applied to the payment of your tuition by the University.  You can pay this fee either online or through mail.
To Pay By Mail
1. Obtain a Form I-901(Download the form from
2. Complete the Form I-901.
NOTE: Write your name as it appears on your I-20 form.
3. Prepare a cheque, foreign draft (drawn on US banks only 1 or international money order of $100 USD and made it payable to β€œThe Department of Homeland Security”
4. Mail the payment and completed I-901 Form to the address listed on the Form.
5. Mail the Form I-797 receipt within 3 days of processing the fee.
NOTE: Always make copies of your receipts and keep them with your important immigration documents.
To Pay Online
1. You can find the Form I-901 at
2. Complete the online form with all the necessary Visa, MasterCard or American Express information.  NOTE: Write your name exactly as it appears on your I-20 form.
3. Print a copy of the online receipt.
NOTE: Always make copies of your receipts and keep them with your important immigration documents.
Step 3: Show all possible documents to the Visa officer to prove that you are not using the F-1 visa to gain unlawful entry in the US or to seek employment.

I. Proving legitimacy as a student
β€’ You must present a history of your academic career. Complete secondary (high school) and University records (if you are applying for a graduate degree).
β€’ The appropriate Test results – GMAT, GRE, TOEFL
β€’ Record of High Achievement
β€’ Age appropriate for degree
II. Adequate Financial Support
You must present a history of financial records indicating that the money has been available for a period of time. The longer the period of time the better it is. You must also present evidence that your guarantor will be able to finance the remaining years (after the first year) of your education.

III. Prove your intention to return to your home country
Show them the records

a)   If you have ever traveled outside the country.
b)   If you own a property that required maintenance and your oversight.
c)   The degree that you have been admitted to is unavailable in your home country.
d)   If you are offered a position of employment that requires your specialized education and training.
e)   Prove that your prolonged absence will cause an undue burden on your family members living locally.

This is the entire process involved in obtaining an f-1 visa or student visa!

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