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Find out the salaries of these top jobs at Google

Alphabet, the parent company of Google has currently around 118800 employees. This is a 20% increase from 2018 which is around 98700 employees at that time. In 2019, the Alphabet has hired many numbers of product managers and engineers.

Google also received several H1B1 visas for 5000 engineers and 300 product managers, last year. Currently, Google has around 900 openings globally. Out of them, 800 were from Google Cloud alone. Google is looking to add more employees to its Manhattan Branch. Also, in London Google is planning to add around 7000 employees once its new building is finished at King’sCross.

Around 900 openings are currently at Google, with 800 of them belonging to Google Cloud

Below are the different salaries for various jobs at Google. Along with salaries, Google also pays stock bonuses and cash bonuses

So, here are some key jobs at Google listed below.

Google Software Engineer:
Software Engineer is always a key role in the company. At Google, the Software Engineer role is very flexible. They shift from one project to another. Also, full-stack developers work along with the engineers in various projects. Salary of a Software Engineer at google ranges from $81k to $315k

Cloud Sales Engineer:
At Google, Cloud Sales Engineer comes between engineers and client-facing consultants. Their main work is to work with clients to develop cloud solutions according to their needs. Also, having some domain knowledge is a great plus for Cloud Sales Engineer. Salary will be ranging from $124k to $194k

Sales Consultants:
The main work of Sales Consultants is to sell Google’s solutions to clients. Having good knowledge of Google’s business and clients’ needs is a very important requirement for this role, more than having an engineering experience. The salary ranges from $132k to $198k.

Google Solutions Manager/Consultant:
The job description of being a Google solutions consultant is to work alongside Google’s technical staff to work on clients’ requirements. You should have an understanding of both technology and clients’ background. Salary ranges from $135k to $214k.

Google Hardware Engineers:
The hardware team at Google is one of the progressive teams at the company. They should be able to develop new hardware models according to the latest requirements. There will not be as many openings in hardware as of other teams. Salaries will be about $140k.

Google Product Managers:
The most crucial role of the company is arguably Product Manager. Google has lots of Product Managers and it needs as many. It is a strategic role which helps develop new technologies according to the needs/requirements of the clients. They should also be able to communicate well about the developed technologies. The salaries of Product Managers vary from $120k to $250k

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