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Follow these tips from Google to enhance your router and the internet connection

With the widespread of COVID19, most of the companies around the world have asked its employees to Work from home. All the students around the world are joining virtual classes. With all this load, the home internet connection is having connectivity issues. According to studies, conducted by Google, around 81% of people are suffering from connectivity issues with their home networks.

As usual, Google is always there to give answers. Here are some of the tips from Google itself to improve your home connection.

Try placing your router in the center of your house
Wifi network is best accessed when it is in equal distance from all the rooms in the house. Try to move the router to the center of the house. This gives equal strength signals to all the rooms in the house. If it is placed in the front room, the signals get weaker with the distance and the connectivity will be low for the farthest room.

Use Mesh network
Group of routers wirelessly communicate with each other to create a single network is called a Mesh network. With this system in place, instead of having a single router for the house, you will have multiple routers that share the same WIFI throughout the house. All the corners of the house will receive equal strength of signals.

Update your router
Make sure your router supports 5GHz Wifi signals. Upgrade your router to 802.11acΒ system which allows you to use all the 5GHz networks which are way faster than others.

Have a strong password protected network
Have your network password protected. Use a strong password that will be easy to remember for you but difficult to crack. Include special characters while creating/modifying passwords.

Have a separate Wifi for guests
If you are having guests and they use the same Wifi as your work wifi, it will increase the load on your network. Have separate wifi exclusive for guests. This will reduce the load on the router and guests will also have a seamless enjoyment.

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