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Follow these tips to work from home the correct way during this period.

Around the globe, the companies have asked their employees to work from home to control the spread of the virus. All the companies are taking certain measures like imposing a travel ban, canceling the meetings and advising its employees to opt for work from home.

For some of the employees, its a quite new experience to stay at home and work. So, here are some of the tips for all the candidates who are quite new to this experience. Caution: This may lead to an increase in productivity.

Dedicated Workspace: The utmost import task to enhance your work from home strength is arranging a dedicated workspace for yourself. This can be any place in your home with minimal disturbance. It should be far from your bed to enable you to be focused on the work. A small desk or a chair is the most preferred option than a sofa.

It is a real job: An important thing to keep in mind is that even though you are working from home with fewer meetings, this is a real job still. Take a bath and get ready before you start work. This will increase your productivity

Be Organised: To help you focus, set some daily goals to avoid working on Adhoc things. Some apps like Google Keep can help you set your goals for the day and stay focused. Use them wisely.

Communicate enough: Even though you are working away from your teammates and your manager, you should always be communicating with them to avoid confusion about the work. Phone call/Video call/IM’s are the best way to keep in touch with your teammates.

Be positive: With this spread of the virus, all the world is suffering. The newspapers and media are reporting bad news often. This will cause people to be in panic mode. Avoiding this negativity and staying positive can be of great for yourself. This will keep you happy and also motivated for your work

Health is the utmost priority: Last but not least but the most important of all is to maintain your health. Staying healthy is very essential these days. Maintain social distancing, stay at home during this lockdown to stop the cycle of the virus. The most important weapon in our hands to control the virus is staying at home. So follow this rule of staying at home strictly and let your friends, the family also stay at their respective houses. This will improve everyone’s health and stop the spreading of the virus.

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