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Good news!!! Capgemini is planning to honor the job offers it made, which is around 8000

During the time when all the companies are planning to or already canceled the promotions and hikes, Capgemini is planning to digitally onboard all the new employees in India.

The company staffs around 1,25,000 employees in India which is approximately 50% of its overall number of employees(2,70,000). The french based IT company said that they are going ahead to hire people according to the project requirements. The CEO of India Capgemini said that they are planning to hire across all the experience levels including freshers and are planning to concentrate on new-age technologies like cloud and data analytics.

Capgemini has hired around 6000 employees in total in Q1, out of which 4000 are laterals and 2000 are freshers. In Q2 they send out job offers to more than 4000 lateral hires and are planning to onboard them. The company is also planning to honor all the offers it made via college placements to the students. Once the exams are completed, the onboarding will start for students.

The company is looking towards digitally onboarding the new employee via various means. This digital onboarding includes completing the joining formalities online. In a statement, Capgemini said that they believe in going paperless and hence their onboarding is completely digital.

Alon with the new onboardings, the company is also planning to give increments and promotions to all junior-level employees effective from April 1. Mr. Yardi said that by giving these, they are going to cover 70% of the total employees. For the senior consultants and managers, the hikes will be effective from July 1st, with the increment letters issued in June.

Several other companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro have all suspended the promotions in the tough times, but contrary to this Capgemini is issuing hikes and promotions. While Infosys and TCS are not planning to fire any of their employees, Wipro said they are considering all options to maintain the costs, which did not rule out the layoffs.

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