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Govt is uncertain about using the Zoom software for video conferencing

The Union Home Ministry of India has flagged the video conferencing software, Zoom as unsafe and at risk to cybercrimes. These days the video conferencing platform has gained prominence. Most of the industry is using Zoom to conduct video conference calls while working from home due to the corona outbreak. Privacy has become one of the important things during this work from home. With Zoom, the government has advised all its ministers and staff to stop using it and use of any third-party software for video conferencing.

Within days after India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) raised concerns over potential attacks via Zoom, the MHA on Thursday red flagged the Zoom software. CERT-IN has said that there could be a sensitive information leak with the usage of Zoom.

The advisory said, most of the industry while working from home has been using this video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco WebEx, etc for webinars and remote meetings.

A motherboard analysis revealed that this Zoom’s iOS app has been sending the user data to Facebook even if the user doesn’t have an account on Facebook. A law suit has been filed by a user against the company alleging that the app collects the user’s data without their permission and invades the privacy by sending the data to Facebook. Details such as user’s devices, time, device model, the city they live in, phone carrier, etc will be sent.

However, on April 1, in a company’s blog post the CEO of Zoom has said that they are freezing all the new features of Zoom and all the engineering team will concentrate on building trust, safety and privacy with its users. The company also said to remove the Facebook kit from it’s iOS app and prevented the collection of user’s data.

The home ministry is also planning to use separate passwords for each of the different meetings it is going to conduct and asked the host to stop the meeting once its concluded, instead of leaving it right there.

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