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Half of the Indian population cannot survive without a salary for more than a month

According to a survey conducted by IANS CVoter Economic Battery Wave, half of the Indian population may not survive more than a month without salary.

Half of indian popualtion cannot survive for more than a month

With the lockdown being implemented and fall in the economy has resulted in job cuts and losses in pay. All these together are scaring the families about how long they can continue without proper salary and support.

According to the survey, 28.2% of males have said that they cannot survive a month without getting a salary. 20.7% said that they could survive a month. Surprisingly, 10.7% said that they can survive for a whole year without getting any salary

The survey also shows that 10.2% can survive for about 2 months without salary. 8.3% for 3 months, 9.7% for 4-6 months, and 5.7% for less than a year.

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The sample data on which the survey has been conducted is from the first week of June with a sample size of 1397 people. This survey has covered more than 500 seats of Lok Sabha throughout the country.

The data for females is almost similar. The surviving population for more than a month is higher than that of less than a month without any income. 19.9% said that they could survive less than a month, while 28.4% said that they can survive more than a month. Around 11.5% of females said that they might survive more than a year without a salary.

The results of the survey has showed that senior citizens have a higher rate of surviving than the rest. This is mostly due to their savings. In the age bracket greater than age 60, 19.2% population said that they could go on about a year without any salary

As expected, the youth ranging from ages 25-40 has the highest percentage to survive less than a month. It is 28%. Although the survival rate is higher among people with higher education and high-quality income group. In the higher education group, 31.6% can survive for more than a year and for the highest income group 29% can survive for more than a year without income

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Among Muslims, 38% can survive less than a month while 30% can survive exactly a month without any salary. This sums up to 68% of the Muslim population which cannot survive for more than a month

Among the regions, in the industrialized Western region, the survival rate for less than a month is comparatively less than the Eastern region. In the Western region, it is about 17%, while it is 30.4%. 15% of the Western region can survive more than a year without any salary.

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