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Harvard and MIT to challenge the US visa rule on foreign students

Recently, Donald Trump and his administration issued a new rule on visas. This created a panic situation among foreign students in the country. Now Harvard and MIT to challenge that US visa rule on foreign students

Harvard and MIT to challenge the US visa rule on foreign students

The US government’s new rule on the visas states that students who have enrolled in complete online classes in the fall semester are not eligible for visas. This created panic and confusion across foreign students and the universities

These universities received restraining orders on this decision temporarily. They believe that this decision will have an impact on the students

How did the universities react?

According to Harvard’s website, the Harvard and MIT filed pleadings in the US District Court of Boston asking for a temporary restraining order

The Ivy League universities say that the students have to make arrangements to move to their home countries, which is very much risky in the current situation amid the closing of borders unless the court overturns the decision

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The universities also add that if the students fail to move out in a timely manner, they are subjected to a ban from the US for ten years. Indirectly, the universities are made to re-open forcibly just to secure their students

Harvard University says that it will try its best to help students. And also to help them study without the fear of moving out of the country.

This new move from the government looks to encourage anti-immigrant philosophy. The US also failed to take control of the corona pandemic and black lives matter protests.

Re-election will happen in November. In that, Trump will compete against Joe Biden and others.

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