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Has Asia has become a fake shop for SAT scores, transcripts or essays to cheat on US colleges?

One of the Asian student says β€œ I am not good at this…I will contact the broker to take SAT exam for me” –  The student got admission into a top notch Univeristy with a score that he/she dint score! The exam was taken by a so called agency/broker . Not just this, you find agencies that can offer any service from ghostwriting till transcript preparation- all you need to have is money.

Though the quality of colleges in Asian countries is on a rise, they still prefer US for higher education for many reasons including higher pay after graduation, better lifestyle etc.  The urge to study in US is making the students take any  wrong step down .  Whether you have a low CGPA, low scores in entrance exams or no good projects or record, these consultancies are offering their helping hand that works with money to get you into some or the other college in USA.

More than 50 percent of essays, transcripts and LOR’s by Asian students, especially Chinese are either fake or ghostwritten i.e written by experts who work for agencies.  The charge they take depends mostly on the reputation of the University.  With the increase in craze to pursue education in US, the demand for these agencies is on a rise. Interestingly and unfortunately, this is happening in developed countries like Singapore too.

Though several Universities are aware of these practices, they seem to be more bothered about the revenue generated from international tuition fee rather than the originality of the applications. International students pay more tution fee  than Americans and have to spend on other entities like hostel.   The top schools usually rejects these applications as they do have smart people who are authentic and smart enough.  The problem is with sub standard Universities who work with the agents to intake ineligible foreign students.  These students mostly end up returning to their home country again after graduation or getting a job with fake experience in USA with the tension of loosing job at any point of time.

So, don’t put yourself on cloud 9 hearing the promises of the agents. You may get admitted in a University in USA but the future is not in your hands! Score yourself and write your own stuff to have a better life!

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