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Here are some of the top jobs in Analytics you can apply

In India, there was around a 45% increase in analytics jobs from the previous year. Bangalore and Delhi are the two regions that produce more analytics jobs. Even though there is a hiring freeze due to this corona spread, reports say that there will be an increase in the job openings in the analytics.

Few of the jobs to apply are

Data Governance Analyst – Twitter
Location: Bengaluru
Candidates are required to drive data management and data policy compliance. Also, the candidates should make recommendations based on the analysis and identify anomalies.
Below are the requirements expected from the candidate:
1. Candidate should create Collibra workflows
2. Should have an idea of how to execute data governance frameworks.
3. Has to provide data metrics and business analysis on data governance policies.
4. Should be a go-to person for creating data dashboards
Job Link:

Data Scientist – Inteliment Technologies
Location: Pune
The company is looking for candidates who have good scripting knowledge and have hands-on experience in data toolkits like R, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS. Candidates with automotive industry background are preferred. Also, NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Modelling, and Predictive Modelling are expected from the candidates
1. Logical and Analytical thinking along with Problem solving skills
2. Ability to work independently
3. Interpret, evaluate, and communicate the results understandable by the audience.
4. Should conduct root cause analysis and performance tuning.
Job Link:

Data Management Analyst – Deloitte India
Location: Hyderabad
Candidates should be able to participate in the projects actively. They should identify changes and suggest some to improve the quality of the project. Candidates should have a good knowledge of MS-Office and should be able to write SQL queries.
1. Candidates should manage basic client segmentation process
2. Should make enhances to data quality management process
3. Design basic business process improvements
4. Support ETL operations
Job Link:

Data Analyst – Amazon:
Location: Bengaluru
Candidates should work cross-functionally with the account management team to fix problems with the sellers. Candidates should understand the use of Amazon tools and utilize them to provide solutions. Also, the candidates are expected to provide business solutions.
1. Use of Amazon tools, efficiently
2. Improve seller performance by defining new techniques and analysis
3. Have sharp analytical skills
Job Link:

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