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Your Job Search Ends Here!, a premium job searching platform has been launched in India by TimesNext Media. has been launched by the TimesNext media in its latest press release. According to them, this website was launched to reduce the gap between recruiters and job seekers.

Job seeking platforms has been changed dramatically over the past few years. Previously, the only way to get jobs is through referrals or having a degree. But with the introduction of many websites, it can be done very easily with a click from your computer.

With Hiredd, people who are looking to improve their job or get a good internship can easily achieve that by using the website. These days almost every student is looking for a good internship which can provide good learning for them and young graduates are looking for their dream jobs.

Hiredd platform currently only shows the jobs of the companies which were listed with them. With the current lockdown situation, people are looking for work from home/remote opportunities. Hiredd has plenty of them.

The current process to post jobs on the website is completely free. However, if you want your posting to be prioritized, you can use the premium feature of the website. This will engage high number of audiences to your posting.

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