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How do I get a job in Dubai and the middle east from India

Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for Indians for multiple reasons – High pay, developed infrastructure, better education and health care, zero tax and close proximity to India. Many wonder how to land a job at Dubai. Getting a job at Dubai is much easier than getting one in countries like USA/Canada and the visa process is pretty straightforward.

There are multiple ways to find a job in Dubai or Middle east.


Probably the best way to get a job in Dubai is by asking someone already working in Dubai to refer you. If you do not know anyone, find your second connections who are working in the Middle east, connect with them and request them to refer you.


Even if you do not know anyone, you can directly apply for jobs in Dubai on Linkedin and we know of many jobseekers who landed in high paying jobs via Linkedin. Most of the jobs in Dubai posted on Linkedin accept international candidates. Just keep applying to jobs and you will get your chance one day!

Job Portals focussed on hiring international candidates:

There are middle eastern several job portals that focus on hiring international candidates. One of the portals we recommend is Bayt. Just having a profile created on the website could help you get noticed by the recruiters who search the database.

Click Here to submit your resume to Bayt and get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers from Dubai and the middle east.

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