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How to Make Your Engineering Resume Stand Out?

Resume is an integral part of any job search process. An impactful resume can be the difference between landing an interview and getting junked in the pile. As an engineer, you should be aware of the various elements that make up for a perfect resume as per your industry and that gets you instant attention of the recruiter.  The article talks about the same.

Resumes make or break job search. Six seconds; that’s all you have to impress the recruiter according to a 2012 study. Within this short period of time you have to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter. As an engineering graduate, crafting a perfect resume is actually even more important since every year millions of new engineers pass out and compete with each other for a job. Your resume has not only to be perfect, but it also has to be different and better than the competition so that you have a better chance at securing a good job and career. In short, your engineering resume should stand out. Wondering how? Follow these tips:

Aim for accuracy and impact

As an engineer, one cannot emphasize enough on the need to be precise in all professional aspects of your life. Engineers are taught to be precise and accurate right from the very first year of their college and the same goes for engineering resumes. You resume should have precise, cut-to-the-chase information that makes impact on the hiring manager. While accuracy of facts is vital, it’s also imperative to have your resume proofread in order to weed out any grammatical or spelling error on the resume. Impactful information refers to your contribution, achievements and personal participation and how it can be helpful in your career ahead.

Be concise

Engineers are often part of large projects, either handling them on their own or with a team. It has been observed by recruiters that engineers, in a bid to emphasize on the importance of their project and role tend to go into information overload mode, pouring a number of unnecessary words in their resume, making it lengthier and clumsy.  Any recruiter of a good organization wouldn’t spend more than 30 seconds on the resume to create their first opinion about the candidate. You need to view the resume from a recruiter’s perspective. Just because you think the information is relevant doesn’t necessarily makes it important.

Include accomplishments instead of responsibilities

The only things that can make you stand out of the competition are your achievements. Therefore, your resume should focus on accomplishments more than previous job tasks and responsibilities. You have to focus on the positive aspects of your job in the previous company. For instance, tell the recruiter about ways to do things better, more efficiently and for less cost. This information will certainly put your engineering resume on the top of the stack.

Forget objective, include a summary

Most recruiters agree that including an objective on the CV isn’t actually necessary these days. Your reason for applying to job is to get it, which actually is the objective of your CV. Therefore, unless the job posting specifically calls for one, there is no need to write an objective. Instead, provide the reader with a brief summary which matches the requirements of the kind of job you are applying for. For instance, while applying for an engineering manager job, include a short history of your work, and education credentials.(B-Tech, followed by MBA) that actually make you the right person for the job

Include projects

Since engineer’s lives are spent revolving around different types of projects, including them in the resume makes perfect sense. Depending on your engineering specialty and years of experience, include at least 3-4 key projects to include in your resume.  If the CV becomes too long, it is sensible to include a separate project list sheet. The list should be chronologically ordered, with the most recent project on the top. Do not forget to include your specific role and achievements, if any in these projects.

Add a personal touch

It’s highly recommended to customize the resume as per the job opportunity before sending it.  Headhunters have this uncanny ability to figure out if you are mass-posting the resume and in such case, most resumes end up in trash. Customize the resume to suit the specific role and engineering specialty you are aiming at.

In addition, make sure everything is presented in an easy to read and understand way. Fancy fonts and shapes make it harder for recruiters to spot the vital information and thus blur your chances of securing the chance of getting interviewed. Implementing all these tips in your resume will surely increase your acceptance rate.

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