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Humongous increase in the work from home job searches to the no increase of remote working jobs.

A recent study by job search platform Indeed has shown a huge increase in searches related to work from home jobs by 261% since February 2020. But the fact that there is no increase in the number of work from home jobs during the same period, is concerning.

The study states that people are searching for jobs with phrases like remote, work from home, etc. Overall, job searches have increased by 278% since September 2019.

Mr.Pawel Adrejan, an Economist at Indeed has commented on these trends, saying that people always wanted flexibility in their jobs, especially the millennials who are almost half of the total population of the country. During a hard time, this work from home will be of great advantage, not only for the people who are working from home but also to the companies to continue running their business without any interruptions.

According to a previous study by Indeed, the percentage of job seekers who consider remote work is around 58%. Out of them, 53% are even non-hesitating to take pay cut if they were to take work from home

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