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IITs are planning to conduct special hiring drives for students with canceled job offers

The Human Resource Development Minister of India, Mr.Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has said on Wednesday that all the IITs will hold special placement drives for its students whose job offers were canceled due to the Corona outbreak.

He said that he spoke with the directors of all the IITs and asked them to conduct these drives for their students. On Monday, an appeal was made by the Minister, to the recruiters not to withdraw the job offers made to the students. Earlier to this, few offers were revoked at certain IITs and IIMs due to the uncertainty caused by the corona outbreak.

The All IITs Placement drive(AIIP) has also appealed to the recruiters not to withdraw the job offers, which were already made to the students. Even IIT Delhi Director V RamGopal Rao has made a public appeal to all the recruiters about the mentioned situation. According to him, since all the IITs follow a principle which states equal opportunities for all(one person one job), there will be a problem if the made offers are rescinded.

He shared a post on Social Media stating that all the recruiters might understand these difficult situations and do not affect the futures of these bright students by revoking the offers. He also suggests that firms can use their talented students to work together with them and help them come over this uncertain situation much faster.

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