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Increase in the visa fee for the UK. Indian students and professionals are directly impacted.

As part of the UK budget, India-origin Finance Minister of UK Mr.Rishi Sunak is planning to increase the overall cost of visas by increasing the health fee charged on the migrants from countries like India, China, etc. The price is going to increase from 400 pounds to 624 pounds.

The 39-year-old Chancellor of Exchequer said that migrants benefit from their National Health Service(NHS) and they all want them to. But they should also contribute to this, as they receive the benefits. This is the main reason for the increase in the visa fee.

The surcharge which is currently being charged is not enough as he feels the benefits are high from the NHS for the migrants. The new price will be discounted for children.

Earlier, in December 2019 this new change was expected under the Boris-Johnson led government. But this time, it is going to come into effect. According to new rules, for children under age 18, the price is 425 pounds. From 300 pounds to 470 pounds the lower rate for international students is also going to increase.

This new rule will come into effect on anyone who has Work, study, or family visas for longer than 6 months. This is to raise additional funds for the NHS. BAPIO(The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), is asking the UK Home Office to reconsider the newly made decision. They believe that this will have a bad impact on the recruitment of healthcare professionals from India.

Baronas Usha Prashar, Chairman of the UK Council of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI) said that The increased price on the visa fee is a burden for overseas skilled workers as well as Indian businesses running in the UK.

Among the other items in the budget, the investments in R&D has been increased to 22million pounds. There was also an announcement of 130 million pounds for extending the startup loans. This will give a huge boost to innovate and encourage more entrepreneurs.

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