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India’s largest and richest Airlines announced a rollback in pay cuts for their staff

Indigo Airlines has announced today that it has reversed the pay cut of up to 25% for their staff, which was announced earlier. With this statement, the employees are going to get complete salaries for the month of April.

However, the top-level company executives have announced that they are volunteering to take pay cuts and will forego the salaries until the situation improves.

The CEO of Indigo Airlines, Rono Dutta has sent an email to all the employees saying that they are going to go ahead with the pay cuts of 25% which were announced previously. The executive committee members and senior vice presidents have volunteered to take pay cuts this month.

In the earlier announcement, an email was sent with details like a 25% pay cut for all the employees from April 1.

While VP’s and Execs will take a 20% pay cut. The pilots are going to take a 15% pay cut, while the cabin crew members will receive a salary with a 5-10% deduction.

When the announcement was made last month related to pay cuts, the other airlines have also announced the same that pay cuts will happen to their employees. However, with Indigo reversing the decision with no pay cuts for the employees, it is highly unlikely that other airlines also follow Indigo and reverse their decision

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